Senior Class Trips


Senior class trips are always a matter of debate in high schools. Do we offer one? Who will handle the trip? Where will we go and what destinations make for the best senior class trips?

The senior class trip is an optional part of the educational program at a number of high schools around the country. It’s a social experience that takes place each year for high schools towards the end of the school year.  After concluding their senior class trips it is proven again and again that both students and chaperones take away more life-lasting memories and positive individual growth than they would have thought possible.

Most schools that participate in senior class programs have senior class advisors. You may ask what a senior class advisor is. The High School Senior Class Advisor (usually a teacher) is responsible for advising and overseeing the activities of the Senior Class. The major event is the end of year activities including Senior Week and Senior Trip. Fundraising is also another factor involved in senior class trips. Some schools have fundraising programs that start as freshman and each class raise’s money for their senior trip through various means.

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A Variety of Destinations

Schools offer a wide variety of destinations for their senior class trip from simple one day trips to amusement parks such as Six Flags. This is an inexpensive fun day and the arrangements can be handled directly by the senior class advisors or the senior class representatives. More elaborate destinations such as major tourist cities like Washington DC, New York City, Boston, Quebec City & Montreal, provide schools with many time consuming details and negotiations in order to operate a quality tour. Generally schools reach out to a tour company that offers custom made student tours that provide high quality tours at an affordable price. Also extremely important is quality student travel companies provide liability insurance to cover the school and individual travel insurance for the students.

Other destinations that include airfare such as Walt Disney World, Universal City, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Cuba and Europe offer a number of difficult issues for schools such as passports, operational itineraries and major fundraising programs. These programs and itineraries should definitely be in the hands of a quality student travel company.

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