Are 6th & 7th grade students being left out?

middle school travelMany east coast middle schools that allow student travel focus on the 8th grade trip. It is usually a multi-day tour to Washington DC, Philadelphia, Gettysburg or Boston that works with the school year curriculum. The trip usually operates in the May/June time frame and is wildly successful and provides a wonderful middle school experience that they will not forget.

Why not provide an equally rewarding tour for the 6th or 7th grade students?

A sixth or seventh grade tour does not have to be an elaborate in-depth tour like the 8th grade program but a simple one night tour to NYC that we offer… Our 2 day 1 night program includes deluxe motor coach, 1 night at the Holiday Inn Express, breakfast at the hotel, 4 hour New York city tour, Museum of Natural History, Bronx Zoo, Dinner at the Hard Rock Café, hotel security , all for the price of $259 per student. It will provide another great bonding experience for your students and provide a reward for a hard working year of school. If you would prefer just a day tour we offer a wide variety of day tours to New York, Philadelphia and Boston.