What will your students learn about while in Philadelphia? (Part 2)

An interview with Mark Beyerle (Part 2)



Question Three: Name your favorite student tour and why?

Phi!!y Upside Down! ™

This is our most FUN tour. We ask our students to pay attention all day and we feed them a lot of great information about the American Revolution story, but sometimes you just have to let them let have fun. Get to know Philadelphia from the other side of its history. Visit out-of-the-ordinary places … see a giant 51-foot tall paintbrush … a 45-foot tall clothespin … and giant ants crawling up a building. Marvel at a 2,000 square foot TV … an upside down airplane … majestic murals and a 20-foot 3D sculpture that bursts out of the wall. Visit a castle-like fortress … gawk at a junkyard art studio … sit in the Monopoly® wheelbarrow and much more on this outrageous, exciting and interactive tour experience that turns Ben Franklin’s Philadelphia on its head!

This pop music-filled, interactive sing-along experience is one party tour – two parts party – and three parts outrageous fun on your own rockin’ party bus complete with DJ, today’s hits, great music and 90 minutes of non-stop dancing in your seat.

Question Four: What is the strangest student tour you offer?

Weird, Wacky & Wonderful Philadelphia
It explores all these fun and amazing places in Philadelphia such as Eastern State Penitentiary, Laurel Hill Cemetery, Mutter Museum of medical oddities, Penn Museum and even the Insectarium! It’s designed for special class trips or those who have been to Philadelphia before. It will intrigue, excite and leave a lasting impression!

For more information on these unusual student tours, please contact us at 781-326-7800.