Student Travel from a motor coach company’s perspective

coach-tours-buscoach-tours-ownerPlease tell me about Coach Tours and how long you have worked with student groups?

Coach Tours has been providing safe, reliable Motorcoach Transportation to Student Tour Operators since 1984. With facilities in Connecticut and New York we serve schools in the Northeast with trips to New England and all of the East Coast. More information about us is available on our website at

Where is your most popular student travel destination?
For student trips, nothing can beat the educational value and excitement of Washington, DC, New York City, Boston or Philadelphia and these are our most popular destinations. What is Coach Tours priority while serving student groups? Safety, of course, is a priority on all our trips and when we have students on board we take this responsibility very seriously. Coach Tours is extremely proud of our safety record as shown on the US Dept. of Transportation website And we go well beyond the minimum requirements of the US DOT.

What are three (3) tips to a safe and fun coach trip for students?
(1) When you work with your Tour Operator and their Motorcoach company to plan your school’s trips it is important to realize how important it is to have a detailed, accurately timed itinerary early in the planning process.

(2) And check with your Motorcoach Company to be sure that the driver can operate well within the regulations and be fresh and well rested every day. Remember that the driver is the final authority on the safe operation of the motorcoach and changes in the itinerary should be made only after consulting with the driver and the tour manager.

(3) And rely on the advise of your Tour Operator when you decide on Hotels, Restaurants and attractions that are appropriate for your students.

What time of year is the best time for student groups to travel?
Every school wants to schedule their trip around Spring Break when hotel and other rates are the highest, when every attraction is most crowded and when the traffic is at its worst. You should consider the advantages of traveling in the Fall or earlier in the Spring. It can save you money, make the planning process easier and the trip more productive.